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Fashion Tatler Ball Style Forecast: In Conversation With Manila's Top Designers

Tatler Ball Style Forecast: In Conversation With Manila's Top Designers

Tatler Ball Style Forecast: In Conversation With Manila's Top Designers
By Syrah Vivien Inocencio
November 12, 2019
With the annual Philippine Tatler Ball just around the corner, Manila’s most sought-after designers are now putting final touches of their muses’ gowns that will be adorning the red carpet of this year’s ball on 16 November 2019! To give you a glimpse of what our stylish guests will be wearing, here‘s what Manila’s favourite designers have to say on the looks we can expect to see at the ball:


Instead of entering the political arena, the grandson of late President Jose P. Laurel built his name in the fashion industry. Rajo Laurel has been raising the Philippine flag through his designs that incorporate distinctly Filipino patterns and textile choices, and for this year’s ball, he’s about venturing new grounds. Just last year, Rajo bagged Philippine Tatler’s Most Creative Force Award.

“I love the Tatler [ball] season as I get to see my friends prepare for the ball and we all get excite to design the dresses and tuxedos together. It’s like an annual reunion of sorts.

This season, I thought of doing deeper colours and textures. I am also playing with what I call ‘relaxed volume’. I’m going a bit more dangerous this season so I am encouraging my clients to take chances on a bit of a lower back or a different hue or pattern. We’re about getting out of our comfort zones and trying something new.”


Dennis Lustico knows elegance and restraint as reflected in his divine collections.  The celebrated designer is known for his neo-romantic style of ethereal luxe that has graced many fashion runways, and soon at this year’s ball.

“Tatler ball season is time to create dreams! I love creating pieces that brings out my clients’ lovely personalities. I adore watching them come out of their everyday cocoons all decked, glamorous, sophisticated, beautiful, and be the centre of a magical night that’s Tatler Ball.

Every creation starts with good material so I source everywhere for the most luxurious fabrics and embellishments that I can find. This time I got my supplies from San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong. My mood for this season is light, airy, bold colours, rich in texture, a little bit of volume and always dreamy.”


Cary Santiago’s love of experimenting with new ways of creating dresses always leaves people to wonder if what else is up his sleeves. His sculptural gowns have earned him a place at some of the country’s most lavish events and a fanbase in Hollywood after his creations were worn by world-renowned music artist Beyoncé. We can’t wait to see his creations this year!

“It has always been a joy dressing up my muses every time we have the Tatler Ball. This is the time [when] fashion and glamour meet. I have this beautiful relationship with my muses that rely so much on trust. So more often than not, they allow me to be very creative with my work.

[The trend will be] structured and bouffant with a solid colour as the base. Jewel tones [are] also very now. I have always been into earth colours. My muses like this ‘cause they can wear any of their beautiful jewelleries —subdued yet very elegant—timeless dresses that one can wear again after a decade.”


From race tracks to runways, Mark Bumgarner never ceases to prove that he is a force to be reckoned whichever career he is placed. Our very own Gen. T honouree is the first Filipino apparel designer to be listed on ultra-hip, Moda Operandi. Today, Mark’s name has been making rounds in runways not just in the Philippines but also in other parts of the world with his designs that exudes modern and feminine flair.

“[Tatler Ball season] is the time of the year when we get to see the crème dela crème of Philippine society dressed to the nines. It is the only annual event that matters when it comes to elegance and style.

I think we will see a lot of jewel-toned dresses on the red carpet this ball season. I’m thinking really strong and striking colours like sapphire blues and greens. There might be some colourful embroidery and patterns as well… my looks will always be about drama, old school glam, but modern and feminine flair.”


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