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FashionUniqlo: Weaving Everyday Life

Uniqlo: Weaving Everyday Life

Uniqlo: Weaving Everyday Life
By Philippine Tatler
November 28, 2018
With the launch of its global flagship store in Makati, Uniqlo gains new ground to reintroduce wardrobe essentials

First introduced in 2012, UNIQLO has since won the hearts of Filipinos as the brand synonymous with well-made everyday apparel for men, women, and children. Six years and 52 nationwide stores later, the company continues to serve with UNIQLO MANILA’s Global Flagship Store in the heart of Makati City.

Poised to house a wide assortment of UNIQLO products under bright lights and in neatly stacked shelves a signature approach to visual merchandisingpatrons can expect the best of in-store operations and services. The largest store in the  Philippines and the Southeast Asian region, UNIQLO MANILA will unify local flavours and global trends; here, the brand’s innovative spirit is seamlessly tied into Filipino ingenuity.


UNIQLO designs apparel that is inspired by Japanese values of simplicity, quality, and longevity. Designed to be of the times and for the times, LifeWear takes on an approach that is a calculated mix of fashion and function. Collections and pieces focus on the perfection of basics and fundamental items of clothing.

This reinterpretation of modern elegance makes LifeWear the building  blocks of each individual’s style. While their clothes may appear incredibly simple, complexities lie behind their well thought out fabric technology. Embodying a dedication for intelligent design, there is purpose in every shirt, informatively communicated with tags and in-store place cards.

This design philosophy surpasses the visible. This is experienced through the EZY Ankle Pants that have captured this year’s inclination towards smart casual without sacrificing comfort. Featuring a slim tapered silhouette with an elastic waist to create a snug fit, the pants come in a variety of prints and solid hues. After all, pants by UNIQLO are never just well-fitting pairs, but evolve into staples just as quick as they’re sold off the racks.


Each LifeWear piece is constantly being improved. Since people’s lives inevitably seek transformation and movement, UNIQLO’s innovations must follow. Its core products include the Ultra Light Down and HEATTECH. Both of these creations have altered winter fashion as each climate make them local favourites in their geography.

Ultra Light Down is made up of premium down material with a special treatment that eliminates the need of extra down packs, making the outerwear lightweight, thin, and warm ideal for layering. Accompanied by a small pouch, they’re made to be easily stored and conveniently carried day-to-day.

HEATTECH, on the other hand, is innerwear developed in partnership with Japan’s Toray industries. Air pockets in the fabric fibres retain heat, while the revolutionary technology absorbs body moisture to generate heat in cooler climates. Since its availability in the market,  this line has been developed in different styles and varying lightness to achieve what is needed.

So until it stops innovating necessities, UNIQLO pieces remain an essential in the wardrobe year round. The Global Flagship Store will be stocked with creations for all, regardless of gender, race, physical appearance, status, and taste. Moreover, this retail space will seek toexpand the ways individuals continue to experience UNIQLO LifeWear from store to home, and then out into the world they move through. 

Photos: Atom Araullo and Pia Wurtzbach in UNIQLO core products HEATTECH, Ultra Light Down and EZY Ankle Pants.

UNIQLO MANILA Global Flagship Store opened last October 5 in Glorietta 5, Makati City. For more information visit


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