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Watches Jewellery Vintage Grail: An Authority On Fine Watches

Vintage Grail: An Authority On Fine Watches

Vintage Grail: An Authority On Fine Watches
By Isabel Martel Francisco
February 20, 2018
Luxury watch collectors will be thrilled to know that Vintage Grail has arrived!

What is Vintage Grail?

Vintage Grail is a new premier watch retail company founded by Jesse Maxwell, Paolo Martel and Franco Varona. Jesse and Franco have impressive business backgrounds in shipping and technology, while Paolo is a watch specialist and collector who has been involved with watch publications for over 10 years. What makes VG special is that they have unique access to a comprehensive network of watch collectors, reputable dealers, and specialists with extensive knowledge in both vintage and modern watches. The watches are sourced globally, from attending many shows and also working closely with local and international collectors.


“The company respects vintage watches as art. These are beautifully hand crafted, limited pieces that are rarely seen outside of specialty stores in Hong Kong, Europe and the USA. With one of the fastest growing economies, and a population whose tastes are refining at an exponential scale, Vintage Grail believes that the time is right to bring these watches to the Philippines. We aspire to help match the perfect watch to its owner, right here in Manila.”, said Franco Varona, co-founder of Vintage Grail.

What can you find with Vintage Grail?

Vintage Grail offers coveted timepieces including ultra-rare vintage Rolex watches, grand complications, and rare limited editions. Supported by watch collectors, Vintage Grail understands the kind of care and attention given to each watch and aims to deliver superior timepieces to both collectors and enthusiasts alike. The company also curates collections for public viewing, and provide a venue for passionate collectors to entrust their treasured timepieces whether for trading with other collectors, private selling, or servicing.

Where is Vintage Grail?

Currently Vintage Grail is holding their inaugural sale, open to all, at the Manila House from February 19-25. However, in the future they are aiming to open a VG store. Keep and eye out as they will be having a series of exclusive exhibits throughout the year!

What can you expect during this week-long sale?

VG will feature the most desired sports watch in the world, the Rolex Daytona Paul Newman, alongside other Rolex grail watches — a Military Submariner 5513, a perfect tropical Mark II Double Red Sea Dweller, a Tiffany dial Sea Dweller, a gilt dial Explorer 1016, and a Panda 6265 Vintage Daytona. Timepieces for every collecting genre will be available including Patek Philippe and IWC complications. Interested collectors may arrange to make an appointment with a VG specialist.


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