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Debonair Virgil Abloh And Nigo Collaborate On Chic New Louis Vuitton Line

Virgil Abloh And Nigo Collaborate On Chic New Louis Vuitton Line

Virgil Abloh And Nigo Collaborate On Chic New Louis Vuitton Line
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
June 30, 2020
Japanese fashion designer, Nigo, and Louis Vuitton artistic director, Virgil Abloh, collaborate a new line for the high-end fashion house that brings out the daring in the debonair

The LV² collection is collaboration between two creative minds. Pulling together Japanese fashion designer and artist, Nigo, to the company's very own artistic director, Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton manages to create a new line of ready to wear clothing that is bold without being over the top. While the traditional Louis Vuitton emblems have been remade, its iconic Damier print and Monogram emblem remain recognisable at the forefront of the designs. 

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Louis Vuitton's iconic bags endure in their familiar classic silhouettes. Keepall bags, backpacks, cross-body bags, and weekend style bags are unchanged in form although the designers have reinvented them in a few ways. For one, the Monogram pattern has been superimposed over the Damier check. While this is reminiscent of vintage Louis Vuitton designs, the way it merges into one another—in form of a graceful cascade—is something entirely new and quintessentially LV².


Denim pieces take centre stage for LV². The pieces that are part of the collection exude a cool, raw look that is both rugged and chic. The Monogram pattern and Damier check are crafted on all the shirts, jackets, trousers and bobs you see above. 

One of the star pieces is Louis Vuitton's woollen jacket, as worn by the models above. They come in two colour schemes: black and blue. Other more casual pieces are also available; these include a grey sweatshirt, a zipped jacket, white polos, and trousers—all of which have the Louis Vuitton emblem embroidered on or printed on them. 

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LV² features footwear that range from the classic Derby shoe to Monogram leather loafers. The Monogram design has also been adopted onto suede and leather ankle boots in beige and ebony. However, the pièce de resistance has got to be the LV² denim mules, which showcase the Louis Vuitton logo like a jewel at the forefont of its design. 



At the heart of the entire line is the "LV duck". A re-interpretation from the world of Nigo, the duck has since been transformed, Louis Vuitton style. It is available as a collector's item, on a coin purse, and as an attachment to the bags in the collection. 

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