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Watches JewelleryWhat Do You Make Time For?

What Do You Make Time For?

What Do You Make Time For?
By Sharmaine Uy
December 28, 2018

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Today's modern gentleman knows how to keep a hectic lifestyle in check by making time for his passions

These days, mastering the multifaceted lifestyle is the way to go. Modern gentlemen are no exception, as they expertly juggle the different aspects of their lives to realise their full potential. Their passions play a vital role in this journey to self-realisation.

With the aim of understanding the passions that today's gentlemen make time for, we sat down with host and environmentalist Rovilson Fernandez, real estate magnate Victor Consunji, and agri-businessman Nico Bolzico for a quick interview. Watch it here:

Made in partnership with Montblanc
  • Videography Kryss Rubio
  • Art Direction Shauna Jay Popple Williams
  • Make-Up Johnson Estrella
  • Accessories Montblanc
  • Location The Ruins


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