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When watches come Undone

When watches come Undone
By Charles Aames Bautista
June 14, 2016

Check out our exclusive interview with Michael Young, CEO of Undone watches

Undone, in the English language, refers to a state of being unravelled, incomplete, unfastened, or unfinished. True to its definition, the brand Undone is just that, and here are the reasons why:

Unravelling the luxury watches industry

Throughout history, what made luxury items expensive depended on the rarity of the materials used, the quality of craftsmanship, reputation of the craftsman, and the customised service and fitting to the buyer. Young shares that, as much as the quality and craftsmanship of Undone is excellent, he wants to focus on the element of customisation. He shares, “When you buy luxury watches, you buy the brand and who they are… when you buy an Undone watch, it’s you.” Undone allows each buyer to customise the look of each watch from the body, bezel, dial and hands to the strap, movement colour and even case printing or engraving at the back. The beauty of Undone is that they have perfected the technology of creating one-offs in developing watch dials to create a more custom look and texture for each user. Despite this complicated customisation process, they can deliver the watch within seven days. Unlike most luxury watches, Undone maintains a price point below that of most custom watches.

Incompleteness of branding

Young shares that while they are gaining strong brand equity across the various regions where they operate, what makes Undone iconic is not the brand’s own story and history, but those of its clientele. Each watch represents a different story, a different milestone or a different personality. One thing buyers will notice with each Undone dial is that the branding is not prominent under the 12 o’clock mark, but discreetly located below the 6 o’clock mark. It was meant to give emphasis to the personalised touch of each clientele.

An unfastened audience

When asked who the ideal Undone client is, Young responded, “someone who is outgoing and is not afraid to express himself.” Currently, the brand is working with a group of “rooftopping” athletes and photographers who scale tall buildings and take incredible photos and videos of cityscapes from the heights they climb. As for brand ambassadors, while the company is open to getting celebrities in the future, currently it is focused on finding ambassadors who are polyathletes or extreme sports athletes who represent the brand’s call for individualism.

Unfinished task

While Undone is primarily known for its thick and heavy watches, the brand is looking to expand its range to slimmer and dressier watches. Young also shares the brand’s plans to go beyond watches, and expanding their product line to other custom accessories. Furthermore, after setting up their experience store in Rustan’s Makati, they are looking to do more partnerships and promotions in the coming months to bring the brand closer to the people.


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