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Watches JewelleryWhy Women Should Invest In Timeless Timepieces

Why Women Should Invest In Timeless Timepieces

Why Women Should Invest In Timeless Timepieces
By Philippine Tatler
January 17, 2019

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Patek Philippe
In an environment of fast-paced consumption and manufacturing, watches like the Twenty~4 Patek Philippe remind us of the value of excellent craftsmanship while proving that it cuts across trends and generations.

Nowadays, there are unlimited options to choose from when searching for a watch to purchase. One has to consider style, features, and how a timepiece fits your lifestyle. If you’re a collector, a brand’s history, manufacturing, and quality of its mechanisms come in to play during your decision making. A watch is an investment, no doubt. So, whether you’re looking for a day-to-day addition to your wardrobe or something to cherish across the years, a timepiece is simply not something you just slap on your wrist. 

Not to mention, these days, time-telling technology is everywhere — it’s in our phones, televisions, and other gadgets. This begs the question: why should I invest in a watch in the first place?

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world. With an uninterrupted operating history, the brand boasts a unique legacy of tradition and innovation. Throughout its existence, the brand has never failed to consider and satisfy the discriminating taste of its female clients. From its pocket and pendant watches, the very first wristwatch ever made, the first wristwatch to have a striking mechanism, to the art deco era models, Patek Philippe has constantly innovated so that it more than meets the changing needs of ladies the world over.

Its 2018 launch of the Twenty~4Automatic is a testament as to why the brand continues to be at the forefront of the industry, and furthermore, why well-made watches will never go out of style.

At the launch of the Twenty~4 Automatic
At the launch of the Twenty~4 Automatic

First launched in 1999, the Twenty~4’s exquisite design and rectangular face gained popularity among young, dynamic ladies. Designed to be worn from day to night, the manchette watch conveniently employed a quartz movement and came in stainless steel and gold versions.

The 1999 Twenty~4 manchette (cuff) style watch
The 1999 Twenty~4 manchette (cuff) style watch

Over the years, there was also a growing interest among women in mechanical timepieces, which led to the development of various complicated mechanical ladies’ watches like the moon-phase model, Ladies' First Chronograph in 2009.

That's why the recent release now features a self-winding mechanism with a Spiromax® balance spring in Silinvar, which is known for its precision and dependability. A novel and patented material created for applications in horology, Silinvar is a kind of silicon that is just a third of the weight of steel but is twice as hard. Thus, a watch that contains movement parts made with this unique material operates with less energy and more efficiency. Crafted to the strict standards of the Patek Philippe Seal, the model exhibits an elaborate manual finish, such as chamfered polished edges and Geneva striping — watchmaking techniques that are often present only in the most exquisitely designed and manufactured pieces. All this can be admired through the sapphire-crystal case back. 

The self-winding version comes in a new round case (36mm in diametre). The details stand out — the bevelled, diamond-set bezel is an elaborate construction. This reincarnation channels the aesthetic appeal of the rectangular Twenty~4 with an exclusive bracelet featuring gently cambered central links framed by delicate two-tier outside links. To top it off, the dials are uncluttered and readily legible, covered in a slightly domed sapphire-crystal glass — an assurance that the piece will last more than a lifetime. 

Perfect for the sophisticated woman on-the-go, the Twenty~4 proves that a watch is not merely a piece of jewellery. Furthermore, it can be seen as an heirloom. Putting together 180 years of watchmaking tradition and innovation, Patek Philippe watches are often considered as pieces of art. The relaunch is no different. With five new versions, there is something to match every discerning woman’s needs.

The version in stainless steel comes in two dial colours that endow each model with its very own characteristic style: sunburst blue and sunburst grey — delicately gradated from the centre.

The rose-gold watches are also available in two colour combinations: a sunburst chocolate brown and gradated dial or a silvery grey dial, graced with an exclusive double horizontal and vertical satin finish that is reminiscent of precious wild Shantung silk.

For those looking for something dressier, the one in rose gold with diamonds all over is a great option. With the same silvery Shantung dial and lavishly adorned with 469 diamonds (a total of about 1.88 ct, including the crown, the lugs, and the outer links of the bracelet). Referred to as “Dentelle,” the gemsetting technique produces two-row configurations of offset precious stones that highlight their radiance.

Whichever iconic and complex version you take home, each piece will become an heirloom. A Patek wearer safe-keeps the brand’s long history for the next generation. In the landscape of digitalisation and fast-paced lifestyles, pieces like the Twenty~4 are reminders that passion and artistry will always withstand the test of time.

A storied watch created with the chic, discerning woman in mind, the Twenty~4 is proof of dedicated and learnt artisanship — a fitting investment piece that is not merely an accessory but will resound with one’s own personal story (and style).

So, if you’re wondering whether watches are a good investment… the answer is, yes. Especially if it’s a Patek Philippe.


In the Philippines, the Twenty~4 Automatic is available in Patek Philippe boutiques in Greenbelt 5 Makati and Shangri-La Plaza Mandaluyong.

  • Words Dorynna Untivero


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