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August 7, 2017 | BY Dorynna Untivero

Get the coveted 'no-makeup' makeup look in 11 easy steps!

Actress Kate Bosworth has the perfect example for this look - polished, clean, and effortless

With endless makeup tutorials pervading the internet, it can get a bit intimidating to keep up with all the beauty trends out there. The 'lit-from-within' makeup look is an easy go-to for both beginners and professionals alike; not to mention it goes well with any outfit or occasion. Here are some insider tips that you can try out in order to look naturally polished and effortlessly put together.

Browse through our quick list below: 

1. Hydrate


You've got to guzzle down your 8 glasses a day - this will definitely help create a flawless canvas better than any moisturiser can. 

2. Moisturise the right way

This La Mer Micellar Water and spray will make sure your skin is healthy and clean before applying makeup

Often, we don't take much notice on what kind of moistuiser we use and in which order we slather products on our skin. You can start with a toner (fit for your skin type), then a moisturiser, a face sunblock (if you're into that), then your primer. 

TATLER TIP: Not everyone prefers to wear sunblock underneath their make-up, still we have to keep up with our daily SPF to avoid premature wrinkles and discolouration. You can opt for a foundation that contains SPF to keep up with your skincare. 

3. Choose the right primer for your skin type 

This Re(marc)able Primer seen above (in set with Re(marc)able Foundation and Misting Spray) is infused with coconut extract to apply moisture into the skin

There are so many primers out in the market, and it’s quite difficult to really tell what works for you and what doesn't until you’ve used them for a while. To avoid purchasing the wrong primer, you can assess your skin type and what primer will go well with your skin. For oily skin, you can reach for a mattifying or pore-filling primer, to make sure your foundation will pack-on seamlessly. For dry to normal skin, select a hydrating primer to stop your foundation from caking throughout the day. 

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4. Pick a flawless foundation

The latest formula from Armani Beauty boasts longwear high coverage that finishes demi-matte - a good choice for tropical climates!

For the no-makeup makeup look, the preferred foundation would be a light to medium coverage with a dewy finish. But, if you're not that type of girl, going full coverage can still work -- you can reach for a demi-matte finish foundation to emulate a slight glow. 

5. Frame the face ever so lightly

A newbie in the beauty world, Kim Kardashian has wowed prefessionals and beauty fanatics alike with her easy-blending formula

Go light on the contour for this look, but make sure you define those cheekbones to give your face a three-dimensional look. 

TATLER TIP: Opt for a cream contour rather than powder to avoid harsh lines.

6. Bushy brows

Channel your inner Gigi and emulate her natural-looking brows!

Stay away from the “Instagram-brow” for this look. You can even skip drawing on your brows with pencil and choose a fibre-filling brow mascara.

7. Contour your eyes

NARS makeup shows us how it's done! The natural contour of the eyes have been accented with natural browns on the crease

For an effective ‘no-makeup’ makeup look, you have to choose the right brown shades and focus your eyeshadow on the crease and lower lashline. You want to leave the lid void of eyeshadow or at least stick to light-coloured one to create depth. The goal is to frame your eyes without it looking too heavy.

8. Reach for a lengthening mascara

Get luscious lashes with cult-favourite Benefit mascaras

For a natural look, you definitely want to avoid volumising mascara, much less falsies. Still, you can opt for a lengthening mascara to give the illusion of doe-eyes. You can try applying mascara on your lower lashes (much like Twiggy), but go light on the application.

9. Set you face with a blurring powder

Tried-and-true for many professionals is the Laura Mercier transluscent setting powder

With all the moisurising products you’ve used for this look, you wouldn’t want to end up oily throughout the day. Reach for a translucent setting powder and dab lightly across the T-zone and cheeks.

10. Nude lipstick all the way!

The latest collaboration between Estee Lauder and Victoria Beckham brings us the ultimate nude matte lipstick : Nude Spice Matte

For a natural look, you definitely have to stick to the nudes. Stay away from your go-to Ruby Woo for this one. Choose between the in-vogue matte nude, satin-finish lipstick, or go bold with a nude gloss.

11. Setting Spray

Cult-classic Urban Decay mists offer different types of setting coverage

If you want your look to last all-day, reach for a setting spray – it will keep your colours intact as you go through your paces. This a very minimal look so you wouldn’t want the colours on your face to oxidise too quickly.

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