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Fashion Vania Romoff, Kaayo, Armor Project, and More: Where To Buy Stylish and Locally-Made Face Masks In The Philippines

Vania Romoff, Kaayo, Armor Project, and More: Where To Buy Stylish and Locally-Made Face Masks In The Philippines

Vania Romoff, Kaayo, Armor Project, and More: Where To Buy Stylish and Locally-Made Face Masks In The Philippines
Photo: Unsplash
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
May 27, 2020
Here to keep you both safe and stylish

Although face masks are more a necessity than a trend, it’s hard to ignore the creative designers behind some of these locally made brands. Captivating, cute, and honestly a little trendy, these local designers and producers have come together to create the ultimate emblem of 2020: the face mask. 

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1/21 Vania Romoff

Vania Romoff has only recently unveiled the face masks in her Essentials Collection. Featuring ruched silk masks that come in three different colours — black, pearl, and mauve —Romoff’s designs are beautiful in a way accessories are, but also functional, as the times demand it to be. Although they are not medical grade, a slit within the mask allows you to insert a surgical mask or filter between the silk for better protection.

2/21 Bryan Peralta

Locally made goods and face masks are perhaps two of the most iconic items popularised this 2020 and fashion designer, Bryan Peralta's "Mangyan Masks" are a wonderful marriage of the two. Acknowledging the grief of the times, Peralta says that the masks were born from his "experience of grief and loss", something that most of us have likely had to contend with as well. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by the women of then Talipanan Mangyan Village in Oriental Mindoro and it's aesthetic, distinctly local, crosses the boundary and becomes more than just a fashion statement. While it is functional as a face mask, Peralta says that the Mangyan Mask is also something of a memento, a piece of art that will — one day, when the skies clear — be a testament to the skill of the Mangyans, and the beauty of our own culture even amidst a pandemic. 

3/21 Salay Handmade Products Industries

A social enterprise based in Misamis has recently made waves around the Internet for its ingenious design of the abaca face masks, otherwise known as the 7XB Filtration Mask. These masks are sustainable, eco-friendly, and also promise up to 7x better filtration than a normal cloth mask. Made in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), you can inquire about mask availability here or visit their website

4/21 Kwento PH

Kwento PH has always been known for their beautifully designed products — and their masks are no different. Coming in a variety of brightly coloured patterns reminiscent of traditional Filipino design, Kwento's masks are a kwento unto themselves. Reusable and washable, these masks can bought individually or in packs of five. All proceeds from the sale will go to Kwento's partner advocacies. 

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5/21 Style Ana PH

Style Ana PH offers their customers handwoven masks that come in a variety of colours and patterns. All the patterns feature traditional Filipino style design of diamonds, woven stripes, patterned squares and many more. Shoot them a message on Instagram to inquire availability. 

6/21 Michael Leyva

Not only is Michael Leyva creating masks, he's creating a full line of fashionable protective wear. Launching soon, Leyva's line will be made completely out of lightweight, water-resistant, and easy-to wash fabrics. His designs, although minimal, play with the contrasts of shape and and colour to create clothes that, while stylish, put safety as its foremost principle. 

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7/21 Rhett Eala

If you're looking for beautifully sophisticated face masks, look no further than for Eala's designs. Exquisitely detailed, each mask appears as a work of art that comes in a variety of colours and patterns, that, while bold, is far from garish. Taking inspiration from nature at a time when nature itself has become off-limits, Eala's masks are a cognisant reminder of better days and finer tastes. 

8/21 KAAYO Modern Mindanao

In yet another win for traditional Filipino design, KAAYO Modern Mindanao has recently released their hand-beaded Tboli masks. They come in a contrast of colours that are striking and unique, particularly to the South Cotaboto people from whom this was inspired. 

9/21 EC MNL

EC MNL masks are minimalist, yet quirky. Their design is in versatile, allowing one to easily pair the mask with any outfit. Its voguish appearance can be attributed to the current popularity of the 90's aesthetic, one that reminds us of nostalgic days when bucket hats and denim were all the rage — just as they are today. 

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10/21 TOQA

TOQA masks are so fashionable, they've even been made into bikini tops. Just kidding, these of course are fully functional face masks — although more daring minds might think otherwise. Their fun #toqamaskinichallenge shows the versatility of their pieces, which come in a variety of colours, designs, and textures. However, its recurrent popularity is likely due to its functionality: its 4-ply layer makes it difficult for particles to get through and a discreet slit in the mask allows the wearer to add a filter should they feel the need to. 

11/21 Apartment 8

Apartment 8 is famous for its feminine design in both colour and cut. Their dresses come in lovely shades of pinks and pastels — so is it any wonder that their masks are no different? High in demand, these masks are the perfect complement to any and every outfit. Be sure to order early as stocks are delivered per batch! 

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12/21 Threadsmith

If you're looking for masks that come in bold colours, then you've come to the right place at Threadsmith PH. But more than just selling masks, Threadsmith has also taken initiative with their Buy 1, Donate 3 program. For every mask you buy, they donate three to frontliners. 

13/21 Zoo Label

Zoo Label offers silk masks that come in minimalist colours. Made from silk, its design fits perfectly along the curves of your nose and mouth to create that neat and stylish look. If you're looking for something chic and comfortable, this is the mask for you. 

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14/21 ÀMEN

ÀMEN's new face masks are intricately crafted works of art that aren't just stylish and fashionable, but purposeful as well. They've launched it alongside 3D finger puppets of various powerful women such as Michelle Obama, Leni Robredo, Catriona Gray and more!

15/21 wearpeach

People love wearpeach for its edgy design and fashion-forward lookbook — their masks aren't such a far cry from that same aesthetic. They have checkered, handwoven, floral, block-coloured, and even ombre designs (check out their Orange Suzy collection on the website) that are great for those looking for something a little different. 

16/21 The Armor Project By Mark Bumgarner

Fashion designer Mark Bumgarner has launched a collection of unisex face masks that come in packs of three. It's more than just a fashion statement, as The Armor Project aims to help provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontliners in this time of crises. Furthermore, their masks are made of repurposed fabric, making it more sustainable than buying from brands that use new fabric. 

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17/21 Wear.Anika

It's not a mask, it's a wrap. Wear.Anika is staying true to its sustainable ideology by unveiling their new "wrap for keeps". As the times demand, it can be made into a non-medical grade face mask that easily slips over your face and onto your hair as a chic accessory. However, it also doubles, triples, and multiples its usage as a hair tie, a bag accent, an organiser, and just about anything you can make it. The wrap itself is made from upcycled fabric so you're sure that there's zero to minimal waste in its production. 

18/21 Basic Movement

Basic Movement has already come up with plenty of super cool mask designs, but their new pleated masks take the cake. Made with a garterised strap that goes around the head along with a tie strap to go around the neck, their new VR pleated masks are not only super cool but super chic too. These were designed by Vina Romero and are sold exclusively at Basic Movement. 

19/21 Charina Sarte

Charina Sarte's dainty masks are the epitomy of feminine charm. With designs ranging from lacy flowers to printed patters and floral stitchwork, Charina Sarte's masks are sure to be the centrepiece for your next OOTD. 

20/21 Sassa Jimenez

Sassa Jimenez has always been known for her fun, playful designs. Her dresses are a magnificent work of art touting tulle, lace, and ruffles. Likewise, her masks are no different. They come in fun, playful colours and designs with tie-it-yourself straps. We're particularly loving this yellow and cow print contrast design although the floral patterned masks she's posted on Instagram are not to be missed either. 

21/21 Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez

Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez' style can't easily be encapsulated into words. Her face masks, which she's recently promoted on her social media, have varying designs that can be described as anything from whimsical, feminine, and edgy — but one thing's for sure, they're all downright cool. One of her designs features a crochet design as backdrop for a pearl button and cloth embellishments. All her designs are detailed beautifully with images of flowers, birds, and nature scenery which makes her line as fun to wear as it is to pair (with your outfit!). 


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