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Arts Culture Travelling The Philippines: Georgia Schulze del Rosario's 'Rosa Goes To' Children's Book Out Now

Travelling The Philippines: Georgia Schulze del Rosario's 'Rosa Goes To' Children's Book Out Now

Travelling The Philippines: Georgia Schulze del Rosario's 'Rosa Goes To' Children's Book Out Now
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
June 14, 2021
Make bedtime stories more exciting by reading your kids Georgia Schulze del Rosario's new series Rosa Goes To where she explores the vibrant culture of the Philippines!

Georgia Schulze del Rosario, a writer, managing editor, model and mother to four girls, has taken on a new adventure. This time, however, she invites you and your kids to join an exciting adventure as she portrays the rich culture and beauty of the Philippines, the diverse country she has known since childhood, in a children's book series titled Rosa Goes To.

Mainly drawing inspiration from her own little girls, Georgia created an adventurous Rosa who has grown to love travelling. Admittedly, the author sees each of her four girls in Rosa. Georgia sees her qualities as well in the six-year-old title character.

She shares, "My love for experiencing different parts of our beautiful country and my pride in being a Filipina woman is what prompted me to turn my travels into something that others could benefit from".

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However, the character she has depicted within the pages holds a deeper meaning for the author. "Her name ‘Rosa,’ has two special meanings–one is that it is derived from our last name del Rosario, again, paying homage to my daughters," Georgia explains. "But the more meaningful reason why is because when I was born, I had a Yaya named Rosa who helped my mom care for me. When Yaya Rosa left our family to have one of her own, it was a difficult goodbye for us both. She ended up naming her first daughter after me, Georgia. So this is my little tribute to her".

In each book, Rosa will be travelling to a different place in the Philippines. Children will learn what makes each place unique within the pages of the book.

"To me, there is nothing like the feeling of a book in your hand," Georgia says. "As I go into the chapters, I create memories of where I was as I flipped through each page, what I could see and smell and hear, and this adds a layer of imagination to the story I am reading. I would love for this generation to grow up with that. I have been reading children’s books to my girls from the time my eldest was born, and even now as I read to my youngest, her big sisters will still crawl into bed with us and just listen. Though my girls admittedly can’t live without their gadgets and the convenience of technology, when it comes to books, they still love going into a bookstore and choosing a title to take home with them. The beauty of it though is that a love for reading expands to the digital world – E-books and online publications are wonderful as well. So in the end, as long as we can get our children reading, it’s a win!"

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Moulding her two passions—writing and exploring her home country—Georgia writes of the places she's grown to love visiting. She says, "The places Rosa goes to was initially based on the places I have been. I’ve always been a writer, and journaling my travels became a habit for me. So penning these books was a very natural transition from my private journals".

So far, the author has written four books, two of which have been illustrated by Reena Gabriel, a friend of Georgia who she's travelled with to various "local destinations for both work and leisure".

Georgia is elated to introduce Rosa through the first two titles, Rosa Goes To Bacolod and Rosa Goes To Vigan which are set for distribution this June.

The Rosa Goes To children's book series is currently available for purchase through their official Instagram: @rosagoesto. 


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