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Arts Culture Top Stories Of The Week: September 23-27

Top Stories Of The Week: September 23-27

Top Stories Of The Week: September 23-27
By Philippine Tatler
September 27, 2019
Catch up on the latest and hottest from Philippine Tatler this week

1/5 How Real Is Climate Change?

With all the buzz about 16-year old Greta Thunberg's moving speech about ecological equity, let's take a quick look at the science and how climate change is affecting the planet


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2/5 The Untold Sacred Weaving of Ifugaos

Hand-weaving textile is one of the most interesting crafts of the Philippines, weighed with immense cultural significance. Little does one know, weaving is a sacred art. It is an elaborate process with many stages which includes a ritual.


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3/5 10 Cafés Around The World Owned By Luxury Fashion Brands

Dine like fashion royalty and rub shoulders with trendsetters in these couture eateries.


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4/5 5 Common Mistakes First-Time Solo Travellers Should Avoid

Going on a trip as a solo traveller for the first time can be fun and exciting, but the thrill causes some to commit these five common oversights


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5/5 Party Central: Poblacion's Hottest Spots Today

It’s a location that can be described as vivid, gritty, hardcore, creative, loud, and outrageous all at once. Anyone who visits Poblacion will find themselves enthralled by its pulsating energy and bohemian spirit


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