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Wellness Fitness Tips 2021: 6 Easy Yoga Poses To Help Alleviate Back Pain

Fitness Tips 2021: 6 Easy Yoga Poses To Help Alleviate Back Pain

Fitness Tips 2021: 6 Easy Yoga Poses To Help Alleviate Back Pain
Photo: Unsplash
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
January 25, 2021
Stressed? Tired? All of the above? Fear not as we've got you covered with this list of simple, beginner-friendly yoga poses that will help you feel that all is spine

It seems as if yoga truly is the answer. For wellness gurus and health freaks, the pandemic has been a chance to rediscover the joys (and advantages) of this age-old practice—and at a time when people have started to complain more about stress, fatigue, and even spiritual dryness, it seems as if it's yoga truly could be the answer.

If you've been spending hours all day in front of a computer, whether working from home or at the office, then chances are that tension has been building up right behind you. But whether you need to destress your upper, lower, or middle back, here are a few yoga poses you may want to incorporate into your daily routine in order to loosen the tension and get right back to work. 

Cat Cow


While this gentle backbend stretch is fairly simple to do, it also does wonders for stretching your entire spine, as well as your shoulders and abdomen. Start off on all fours, and make sure to distribute your body weight equally to ensure a solid foundation. Inhale and exhale slowly, and move your body along to the rhythm of your breath. 

Downward Facing Dog


The downward-facing dog is one of the most popular yoga poses out there and the secret is all about being mindful of where you place your weight. It's more or less a full-body stretch that can help relieve tension in the back and the arms, as well as in the hamstrings. 

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Cobra Pose


The Cobra Pose is another gentle backbend that may help relieve tension in the lower back area. It's fairly simple to do so long as you remember to centre your abdomen to create a steady foundation, especially if doing this in a sequence. 

Locust Pose


The Locust Pose can be a bit of a challenge for beginners, especially as it relies on core strength. However, doing it slowly could not only alleviate tension in the back, but it can also strengthen rarely activated muscles along the same region. 

Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose


The Half Lord of the Fishes Pose may sound intimidating, but trust us it's not. It's a great way to relieve tension on both sides of your back and—some yogis say—is a nice way to stimulate your organs. 

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Two Knee Spinal Twist


From the name itself, it's easy to see how the Two Knee Spinal Twist could help alleviate tension and stress from your back. It involves using your arms to stretch out while anchoring your weight down on your legs, which faces the opposite side. Reaching out through your fingertips could be a great help here to relieve tension. 


Follow this quick sequence that incorporates most if not all the yoga poses mentioned above! We guarantee you'll feel much lighter and more relaxed immediately after. 




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