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CelebrationsBest of 2018: Our 10 Most Popular Stories of The Year

Best of 2018: Our 10 Most Popular Stories of The Year

Best of 2018: Our 10 Most Popular Stories of The Year
By Philippine Tatler
December 27, 2018
With the end of 2018 approaching, we are looking back at all the major moments and memories we made throughout the year. Find out who Asia's most eligible bachelors are, what it takes to be a crazy rich asian, about the top business women shaping the Philippines, which best bars and restaurants you should go to, how we met Whang-Od, and much more in our round-up of this year's most popular stories:

1/10Top 20 Best Restaurants 2018

Goes to show that our readers love to dine out! Every year, Philippine Tatler celebrates the craft and the dynamism of the local restaurant scene with the Best Restaurants Guide. For the third year in a row, 20 of the 173 culinary gems were awarded the special distinction of being part of the Top 20 Restaurants list. So whether you're looking for a place to dine with your loved ones or simply experience an enticing culinary adventure, you won't go wrong with these top picks.

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2/10Those Who Give: Philippine Tatler's 2018 Roster of Great Filipino Philanthropists

It was the American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jnr who said that the most urgent question in life was “What are you doing for others?” We present those who have stepped up to answer that question with great visions, projects, and programmes geared towards improving the lives of their fellowmen. This year’s list includes magnanimous individuals, corporate foundations, and organisations created for specific causes—several of whom have also gained international recognition for the work they have in the service of the greater good. There are many who say that philanthropy is high art: that the act of giving to those in need is something that all may practice. However, there are a few who truly shine as examples to all the rest of us. Those who made it to this year’s list may well be considered virtuosos in the art of giving back and are worthy to be emulated by those around them.

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3/10Know Your Feng Shui Prospects For 2018

Each Lunar New Year is believed to bring good fortune to some or challenges to other specific Chinese zodiac signs, depending of course on the ruling sign — this year, it's the Dog. By virtue of their friendly affiliations with the Dog, those born in the years of the Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse can look forward to positive energies in 2018. Dragon, which is the conflict animal of the Dog, may face some rough times ahead. Are you ready for another list this coming 2019? Stay tuned!

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4/10Whang-Od: The Last Tattoo Artist

How did a 98-year-old woman in the rural Filipino mountains become one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world? We travel north to Banaue to meet the ButBut tribe—and discovers an ancient tradition indelibly inked into our culture.

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5/1010 Business Women Shaping the Philippines

To round out International Women's Month, we bring you 10 women of power in the Philippines who prove that hard work and fortitude is but the tip of the iceberg. Ranging from the industrial, commerce, and government sectors to education, philanthropy, and the arts — these women show us how it's done, with grace and mettle, no less.

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6/1050 Groundbreaking Gastronomes From Around Asia

Whether they’re creating award-winning sparkling wine from indigenous Taiwanese grapes, devising innovative ways to reduce food waste in Singapore, or reinventing traditional Sichuan chilli sauce, these chefs, mixologists, food critics, and entrepreneurs are keeping us excited about Asia’s food and beverage scene.

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7/1010 Signs You're A Crazy Rich Asian

The air is thick—not just with Metro Manila’s unbearable humidity—but with anticipation for the movie adaptation of Kevin Kwan's "Crazy Rich Asians," which came out in the Philippines on August 22. Inspired by the buzz surrounding the romantic comedy flick, we round-up just a few signs to know you’re a bonafide crazy rich Asian (Philippine edition). How many can you tick off this list?

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8/10Philippines’ Best Bars and Lounges 2018

Find out where to go for the best city views, breezy outdoor escapes and chic spots that are sure to have you sipping and toasting all night long. Here are the country's top bars for 2018—from upbeat to laid back; large scale to intimate. Do you frequent any of these spots?

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9/1050 Biggest Art Collectors In Asia

Asia boasts some of the most prolific collectors of art in the world, many of them with a philanthropic bent, endowing public and private institutions to help make art available to all. These cultural ambassadors tend to keep a low profile, but these bios will help you identify the movers and shakers next time you attend an important exhibition, art fair or auction.

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10/10Meet Asia's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors

What makes a man a catch, you might ask. Well, that depends on what you're after. In our quest to round up Asia's most eligible bachelors, we've included all types: royals, culture vultures, financiers, tastemakers, property magnates and even a few playboys. Some of these hotties have been spotted with significant others but, hey, it ain't over till there's a ring on a finger—so there's still a chance. Form an orderly queue ladies... and perhaps a few gentlemen.

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