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Beauty The Best Make-up Trends Of Fall 2020

The Best Make-up Trends Of Fall 2020

The Best Make-up Trends Of Fall 2020
We're listing the make-up trends you should know this season (Photo:
By Jianne Soriano
By Jianne Soriano
October 26, 2020
New season, new look. Get dolled up this autumn with these make-up trends––from glossy lips to thick eyeliner, we're listed all you need to know

Autumn is here and it's the season to get all glammed up––whether it's a new hairdo, a fresh nail design in time for Halloween, or new perfumes to try, there is plenty to be excited about in the beauty department.

Why not also refresh your look with this season's make-up trends? We sought the help of two experts, Kalam Chu, director at Kalamakeup and Karen Yiu, founder and chief make-up artist at Makeupbees to tell us what make-up trends and looks are set to be big this season.

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What's the overall make-up trend this season?

Karen: The overall trend focuses on eye make-up due to mask-wearing, playing with warm eye shadow colour, extreme lashes and eyeliner. It's also juicy lips and moist skin texture by using a highlighter. The colours on trend are brick red, burnt brick, camel brown warm tone.

Kalam: This season is all about bringing out the “window of our souls” as we have to wear face masks all the time. Draw a thicker eyeliner or use eyeshadow shades like rose, nude, plum or brown to match with the different shades of fallen leaves to create this autumn makeup look.

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Warm Colours & Matte Texture

Karen: Warm colours such as falling leaves, golden yellow, brick red, plum, wine can make you feel warm during this cool season. The matte texture is still on trend but I love some shimmer to bring out the three dimension of the eye make-up.



Winged Eyeliner & Long Lashes

Photo: @ctilburymakeup/Instagram
Photo: @lisa.blackpink/Instagram
Photo: @lisa.blackpink/Instagram

Karen: Since we are wearing a mask all the time this year, eye make-up is a focus point and eyeliner and long lashes is a must. We need to use mascara that shows long and volumous eyelashes. You can try to experiment using different colour lines for some fun.

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Tatler Picks

Glossy Lips & Shiny Cheeks

Photo: @anastasiabeverlyhills/Instagram
Photo: @anastasiabeverlyhills/Instagram
Photo: @diorbeauty/Instagram
Photo: @fentybeauty/Instagram

Karen: Lips this season is all about shine and glossy lips. As wearing a mask is a norm this year, we'll keep glossy lips for autumn. For the colours, use natural, beige or pink gloss and wear it alone or on top of your favourite colour.

During the cool season, people like to see shinny looks and to achieve this, we put the "shine" higher on the cheekbone in order to make the face look more sparky and moist.


Rosy Hue

Kalam: The focus of this look is all about the application of different shades of rosy colour on the eyelids, cheeks and lips. This warm tone tends to make us happier and fresher during autumn.


Everything Nude

Make-up: Kalam @Kalamakeup for Tumi
Make-up: Kalam @Kalamakeup for Tumi

Kalam: In order to match with the autumn leaves, a splash of nude and beige on our complexion can help to coherent with the autumn look.


Magneta Plum

Kalam: If you wish to create a more femme fatale and mysterious make-up look for your cool evening night outs during this autumn, use a variety of purple shades such as plum and magenta tone.


Foxy Brown

Make-up: Kalam @Kalamakeup
Make-up: Kalam @Kalamakeup

Kalam: A tint of an irresistible blend of brown and red will be perfect to resemble the brown leaves in this autumn make-up look.


Thick-Winged Liner

Make-up: Kalam @Kalamakeup
Make-up: Kalam @Kalamakeup

Kalam: This look focuses on the thick winged eyeliner because with the surgical masks we are currently wearing on a daily basis, we would like our eyes to be the main focus for the autumn make-up. A thick winged liner can help to draw attention as it helps to enlarge the eyes.

Use a waterproof eyeliner to prevent the liner from smudging.



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